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We live in the age of the network and you need expert IT consulting to handle all network types. TechZel, Inc. - provides the reliable networking services and network security that you need to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Contact us for qualified IT solutions from our network-consulting group.

Networking Services
Nobody provides better design, implementation, and analysis of both hardwired and wireless networks than we do. The following networking services are available:

• Network Design - Visio 2007/2010
• System Management Server
• Local Area Networking
• Wide Area Networking
• Cisco® Routers & Switches
• Frame Relay/EIGRP/OSPF/BGP
• DSL/NID Splitters & Cable
• MS Active Directory Service
• MS GPO Schemas

• MS Server 2003/2008
• MS Exchange Server 2007/2010
• Juniper Network MX Routers
• Juniper Network EX Switches
• Juniper SSGs/ISGs/ScreenOS

Networking, Certified Engineers in San Antonio, TX
Network Security
Are you safe from cyber-criminals? Your business needs the safe network security services of TechZel, Inc.. We provide all the security you need to protect your company's networks and information, including:
• Firewalls & Fault Tolerance
• Clustering
• Backup Procedures

• Disaster Recovery

Keep your network running efficiently with our network maintenance services. We offer:
• Performance Tuning
• Monitoring Capabilities
• Troubleshooting
• Remote Access
Virtualization/Data Communications
We also make sure you have the infrastructure needed to connect globally. The following communications services are available:
• Turnkey Cisco VoIP
• VMware® Design/Implementations
• Architecture Implementations • Legacy PBX Communications • Structured Cabling (Cat5 / Cat6)
• Data/Voice Integration

Contact us at (800) 410-3405, for more information about our networking services.